Under Canvas


Under Canvas

Under Canvas


We were privileged to create an installation and audio exploration of stories of Birth in refugee camps. The piece was commissioned as part of the B!rth Festival, at the Royal Exchange, Manchester.

We transformed a tent into an installation, working with textile artist Laura Faithfull, who designed the outer panels around the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We approached 13 writers to respond to the direct stories and research we had collated, both through our own time volunteering within camps in Calais and Dunkirk, and also from interviews and stories from other volunteers.

We were keen to explore statelessness in refugee camps and the stories of mothers who have given birth.

The audio was designed and collated by Eloise Whitmore, Justine Potter and Alan Williams.

The installation is available for display. Please get in touch if you would like to chat with us about it.


I Forget Your Name

I Forget Your Name

J'oublierai Ton Nom (I Forget Your Name)


‘J’Oublerai Ton Nom’ (I Forget Your Name) is an immersive theatre experience we are developing as Take Back Theatre. It explores our response as a nation to the refugee crisis and the bureaucracy surrounding immigration. It touches on fear, control and the role of the media in a world of post-truth politics.

We were given a building for two weeks to perform a scratch night. We had a week of planning, a week to take over the building and one day with the actors. We were fortunate to have a five-floor office block for the scratch performances. The scratch performance led the audience on a journey through assessment centres, a ‘camp’, decaying big business and ultimately gave them a serious of choices about their own involvement in the events of the night.

We are looking to develop the show, and hope to have a full run in 2017. Watch this space (and this video for a sneak preview of the scratch night sets).

Directed By Matt Hassall.

Devised By Rebekah Harrison, Grant Archer, Julie Hesmondhalgh and Ian Kershaw.